Research Cluster 3 (RC3)

RC3 New Approaches to the History of Minorities addresses the conditions and experiences of ethnic and religious minorities. RC3 addresses social inclusion and exclusion, marginalization and empowerment and their articulations. RC3 consists of two research themes (RC3a and RC3b) and focus on the position of the Eurafrican and Muslim minorities in Ghana. RC3 links up with RC1 (connections to and legacies of the slave trade), RC2 (participation in and articulation of anti-movements), and RC4 (articulations of past futures and the challenge of Climate Change to minorities).

  • RC3a. Eurafrican Minorities, uses the categories of scale and network to investigate the intersection of race and class in the Eurafricans’ responses to evolving British racism on the Gold Coast (Ghana) and Britain ca 1870–1950.
  • RC3b. Muslim Minorities in Ghana, uses the categories of networks and territory to analyse the potential impact of Muslim Faith-Based Organizations in the predominantly Christian Ghana and asks if the solutions for empowerment of a marginalized Muslim minority are a potential solution for a peaceful co-existence of Muslims and non-Muslims.