Kwazema Martins

Martins Kwazema, originally from Nigeria, is currently working as a doctoral student at the Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. His research backgrounds encompass training both in Futures Studies and visual arts. As a contributor to the Global History lab, his research emphases are on African postcolonial socio-political and economic landscapes and the historical sociology of pre-colonial African societies. However his current doctoral research titled “Shifting Rhetoric, Past Futures and The irony of Ghana´s Success : A Causal Layered Analysis attempts to practically demonstrate the crucial role which scientific historical research plays in futures studies. To achieve this aim, his research attempts to apply a futures research method, causal layered analysis, to blocks of historical texts. Upon successful execution, the research hopes to extend the role of scientific historical research from simply documenting past events to an active inclusion in futures thinking, visioning and policy-making.”

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