Berge Folke Lars

Lars Folke Berge is an assistant professor at the Department of History at the University of Dalarna in Sweden. His doctoral dissertation was on the 1906 Bambatha rebellion in KwaZulu-Natal: The Bambatha Watershed. Swedish Missionaries, African Christians and an Evolving Zulu Church in Rural Natal and Zululand 1902-1910 (Uppsala University, 2000) for which he was Awarded the Westin Prize by the The Royal Society of the Humanities at Uppsala (Kungl. Humanistiska Vetenskaps-Samfundet i Uppsala). He has published on Church Life and Christian – Muslim Relations in Nigeria (Uppsala University, 1991), and on Indian Church-Life after Ayodhya: Hindu – Muslim Conflicts (Uppsala University, 1993). With Prof. Gunnel Cederlöf, Uppsala University, he is the editor of Political Visions and Social Realities in Contemporary South India (Dalarna University, 2003), and Themes in modern African history and culture: festschrift for Tekeste Negash (with Prof. Irma Taddia, Bologna University, Padova 2013). Together with Emeritus Prof. Tekeste Negash he is the founder of the African Studies Master’s Programme at Dalarna University and since 2004 the Director of Dalarna University Centre for African Studies (DUCAS). He has annually been lecturing at the universities of Bologna in Italy (Southern African history), the University of Oulu in Finland (theories of Nationalism) and Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (African intellectual history), Paris. His current research concerns the Swedish public opinion during the Italo-Ethiopian conflict of 1934-36 and The Ethiopian reformers of the early twentieth century and the Swedish Evangelical Mission connection.