About GHL

Global History Laboratory (GHL):
Locating the Global – Connecting the Local

Initiated in 2015, the GHL explores Nordic colonial history, trans-national resistance movements, minorities as well as past futures and the Anthropocene in order to provide new insights in past and present globalization projects and their consequences.

A deeper understanding of the complex process of globalization is necessary in order to meet the challenges posed by radical political movements, multiculturalism, and climate change. Global history provides tools for such an understanding by investigating the interdependence of the scales of space and time through which historians explain the past. The GHL applies a multidimensional perspective on spatiality in order to overcome methodological territorialism, place-centrism and scale-centrism. The key dimensions of socio-spatial relations are typically the categories of territory, place, scale and network, which are constitutive and relationally intertwined.

Introducing the GHL in 2018.

Research at the GHL is conducted by four interlinked Research Clusters (RCs).