Research Cluster 1 (RC1)

RC1 New Approaches to Nordic Colonial History addresses early modern slave economies as well as their contemporary legacies and contested memories in the northern Baltic region. RC1 focuses on two interlinked research question: To what extent was the northern Baltic region directly and indirectly linked to premodern slave production systems? What is the legacy and memory of northern Baltic connections to premodern slave economies. The two questions are studied through two research themes (RC1a and RC1b) and link up RC2 (anti-slavery as part of the repertoire of twentieth century anti-movements), RC3 (indigenous slavery in Ghana), and RC4 (emancipation and contested memories of slavery as past futures).

  • RC1a. Slavery and its Indirect Impact in the Northern Baltic, uses the categories of territory and place to investigate the backward and forward linkages of Nordic involvement in trans-Atlantic slavery and slave trade.
  • RC1b. The Loss of the Collective Memory of Colonialism in the Nordic Countries uses the categories of territory and scale to investigate questions about Nordic colonialism and its aftermath in the 19th and 20th centuries.