Study circle: On the Postcolony – Achille Mbembe

Before taking a short but well deserved break from work during the holidays, we had the chance to discuss Achille Mbembe’s On the Postcolony, published in English in 2001 by University of California Press. This time we were visited by our member Kaarle Wirta, who is finishing his PhD in Leiden University, give us a short but interesting introduction into this very enticing work.

Dalarna University visited Åbo Akademi

This past Tuesday Åbo Akademi University was visited by historians from Dalarna University (Sweden). To kick the day off we had a morning meeting with introductions, interesting discussions and future planning. Later that noon, Hanna Hodacs gave a lecture on Early modern globalization for masters students.

Hanna Hodacs giving a lecture on Early modern global history

In the afternoon we had a very fun and exciting research seminar with compelling text and discussions that lasted for several hours. Before wrapping up the day we still had time for a study circle session on recent developments concerning spatial theories. The resulting discussion from the study circle will soon appear as a podcast episode.

Recording the next GHL podcast with historians from Falun

All in all it was a very inspiring day and furthered the collaboration between the two universities while producing new exciting ideas and material for the Global history lab.