CfP: Anti-Colonial Narratives, 1905–1955. Lives and Legacies

Book proposal

Editor: Fredrik Petersson, Associate Professor of Colonial and Postcolonial Global History, Åbo Akademi University, Lecturer in History, Stockholm University

The title – Anti-Colonial Narratives, 1905–1955. Lives and Legacies – aims to give voice to anti-colonial narratives with an emphasis on individuals that either had a leading role in advancing anti-colonialism as a political, social, or cultural practice during the first half of the twentieth century. But even more importantly, it aims to put into conversation the histories of those individuals that have been placed largely in the margin of anti-colonial historiography and thereby reduced to the dustbin of history. The uncovering of individual and less-known encounters is central for the project.

Deadline for abstracts: 15.12.2021

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