Global History Lab (GHL)

Aim and Focus:

GHL aims at deploying the laboratory perspective/idea to fully probe into global history as an innovative and dynamic perspective to interpret historical processes.

Focus is on enabling critical discussions to try out new ideas, thoughts and perspectives, and thereby create ‘an experimental room’ for researchers at different academic levels, ranging from doctoral students to established researchers. The GHL nod emphasise the relevance of creating and sustaining networks of scholars devoted and interested in developing global history as a research field.


  • To organise workshops on different topics and issues which will enhance an understanding of GHL as a nod and source of inspiration.
  • To publish anthologies with acclaimed publishing houses.
  • To invite leading scholars for seminars and lectures on spatial, transnational, postcolonial, subaltern, overlapping, entangled, interconnected, interlocked, creole, hybrid, glocal and global perspectives on the past, present and future.
  • To set up and use a GHL blog as a forum to publish papers, and to invite other scholars to either publish their lectures given in connection with GHL workshops or shorter essays.