Locating the Global

Locating the Global: Spaces, Networks and Interactions from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century

GHL Anthology Project Plan (confirmed participants; status 29.12.2016)

ed. Holger Weiss, Åbo Akademi University

  1. Kaarle Wirta & Edgar Pereira (Leiden University), Global Ambitions – Regional Realities: Interactions and Networks in the Neglected Emporium of Glückstadt (1617-1700)
  2. Göran Rydén (Uppsala University), Metals and the Danish Slave Trade: Christiansborg as a port of entry to the African Iron Market, 1700-1754
  3. Fredrik Hyrum Svensli (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Danish Activities in Cape Coast and Accra: Social Spaces and Interactions, 1665–1685
  4. Lisa Hellman (University of Tokyo), Shackled connections: Globalization in eighteenth-century Central Asia
  5. Emil Kaukonen & Mats Wickström (Åbo Akademi University): Moroccan Society through the Eyes of Two Scandinavian Slaves: Ethnicity and Religion in the Slave Narratives of Lars Diderich and Marcus Berg
  6. Sven Olofsson (Uppsala University), Intermediating merchants and the copper commodity chain: Locating the global in Swedish eighteenth century copper and brass production
  7. Måns Jansson (Uppsala University), Materials, Models and Manual Skills: Circulation and Imitation in the Eighteenth-Century Swedish Metal Trades
  8. Hanna Hodacs (Dalarna University), Local recreations of global goods – Latin-American coffee and Scandinavian import substitutes in the first half of the nineteenth century
  9. Stefan Norrgård (Åbo Akademi University), Globalizing Climatic Knowledge: Depicting knowledge about climate and weather in early Finnish newspapers, 1771-1875
  10. Leila Koivinen, Johanna Skurnik, Taina Syrjämaa (University of Turku), Mobile materialities: Nineteenth-century practices of turning local artefacts into generalizable knowledge
  11. Patrik Hettula (Åbo Akademi University), The impact of cross-continental travel on Africans’ spatial awareness
  12. Holger Weiss (Åbo Akademi University), Muslim scholars living in three worlds
  13. Fredrik Petersson (Åbo Akademi University), A Neutral Place? Colonial Space and Anti-Colonialism in Stockholm 1917
  14. Kalle Kananoja (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies), Injecting the Global, or Refusing the Injection: Transnational Networks and Interactions in Naturopathic Medicine in Interwar Finland
  15. Laura Hollsten (Åbo Akademi University), Väinö Auer, Big History, and the Global Gaze
  16. Jon Olav Hove (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Locating the global: Global history and the establishment of the National Museum of Ghana
  17. Johan Ehrstedt (Åbo Akademi University), Colonial Legacies, National Developments, Localized Predicaments? The Ethnicized Spatiality of Hunger and Famine in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, 1965–2015