Hettula Patrik

Patrik Hettula, born in Ekenäs Finland, is a Ph.D. student at Åbo Akademi University. His dissertation has the working title: Eurafrican Social, Economic and Political Spaces on the Gold Coast during 1850 to 1950.

Patrik is interested in how different stages of multiculturalism, the local expressions of globalism and the spatiality of modernism as well as cosmopolitanism manifested itself on the Gold Coast. He focuses on Eurafrican multicultural communities and hybrid spaces between 1850 and 1950. Patrik’s aim is to implement and challenge spatial theory as a way of understanding complex social histories through diversifying them.

Recently Patrik has become more interested in the approaches of global history and its implemented concepts, such as ‘glocalities’, ‘global enunciations’, ‘portals of globality’ as well as spatial entanglements between places, territories, regions and networks. As a founding member of GHL he also maintains the home page.

Contact information: patrik.hettula@gmail.com

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Åbo Akademi University Research Day 2016 – 3MT presentation (Pictures used in the presentation credited to Basel Mission Archives).