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January 2018, study circle: Comaroff, Jean and John, 2012 Theory from the South, or How Euro-America is Evolving Toward Africa. Paradigm Press. Related link: https://culanth.org/fieldsights/268-theory-from-the-south


December 19, 2017: study circle: Mbembe, Achille, 2001 On the Postcolony. Berkeley: University of California Press.

December 11, 2017: (In Swedish) seminar: Joachim Östlund (Lund University): “Vi har mötts förr: Muslimska sändebud och kungliga tolkar i 1700-talets Norden”. Auditorium Radiatorn (or alternatively in Voltaire (M127)) at 15.30-17.00.

November 21, 2017: study circle: This session discusses two new articles on the spatial turn. The first text focusing on the ‘hybrid turn'[download pdf] and the second on ‘mobilities turn'[download pdf]. Room Eisenstein (M120) at 18-20.

November 7, 2017: seminar: Docent Stefan Eklöf Amirell (Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö): “Intermediaries in Imperial Expansion: Connections and Encounters on the US Frontiers, 1876-1916”. Auditorium Radiatorn at 15.30-17.00.

October 17, 2017: study circle :Harvey, David, 1991 The Condition of Postmodernity: An Enquiry into the Origins of Cultural Change. London: Wiley-Blackwell. Useful links: http://davidharvey.org/ http://patrickbrianmooney.nfshost.com/~patrick/presentations/w10/harvey/reading-notes/summary-single.html

September 19, 2017: study circle: Conrad, Sebastian, What is Global History, Princeton: Princeton University Press 2016. Related link: http://toynbeeprize.org/global-history-forum/global-history-as-past-and-future-a-conversation-with-sebastian-conrad-on-what-is-global-history/

June 15-16, 2017: workshop: Locating the Global. [Program]

May 16, 2017: seminar: Ph.D. Kalle Kananoja (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies): “Practicing Global Natural History in Atlantic Africa, 1650-1800”

May 2, 2017: study circle: Arjun Appadurai, Modernity at large

Apr 30, 2017: CFP deadline: Summer school “Making and Changing Spaces of Action under the Global Condition”, Leipzig, Germany 12 to 15 June 2017. Open brochure here.

Apr 15, 2017: CFP deadline: ESSHC 2018, The World History Network especially encourages the submission of panels that make comparisons across either times or spaces in a truly global manner; nevertheless, we also welcome a well-argued selection of case studies. 4.4–7.4, 2018, Belfast, Northern Ireland http://www.connections.clio-online.net/event/id/termine-32715

Apr 4, 2017: study circle: Franz Fanon, “Black Skin, White Masks” (1967)

Mar 29, 2017: seminar: Professor Göran Rydén (Uppsala University), topic: Metals in West Africa during the slave trade period. Auditorium Goethe (L104) at 15-17.

Mar 15, 2017: (In Swedish) Undervisningsprov för docentur: FD Hanna Hodacs håller sin docentundervisningsprov med temat Globalisering i tidigmodern tid – när ägde den rum? Plats och tid: onsdagen 15.3.2017, auditorium Voltaire, kl 10.30-11.15

Mar 15, 2017: CFP deadline: Second Annual Conference: Practises and Processes of Space-making under the Global Condition Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199: “Processes of Globalization under the Global Condition” 29.9–1.10.2017, Leipzig http://www.connections.clio-online.net/termine/id=33000

Mar 14, 2017: seminar: Senior Lecturer Hanna Hodacs (Dalarna University), topic: Cheap and Cheerful: Chinese Silks in Eighteenth-Century ScandinaviaDownload paper here. Room “Donner” at 15-17, Arken.

Mar 7, 2017: study circle – Michel de Certau The Practice of Everyday Life, esp. chapter Walking the City. [Online version] 18–20 o’clock, D 114.

Feb 19, 2017: CFP deadline: The second World History Student Conference held at King’s College London on May 6th, 2017. “The conference is organised by university students, for university students of all levels in order to share and discuss our research in World History.” London https://kclworldhistoryconference.wordpress.com/a-call-for-papers/

Feb 14, 2017: study circle – texts on landscapes and space (log in or ask for membership to access texts)

Feb 6, 2017: seminar: Professor Martin Hårdstedt (Umeå University), topic: “Krig som globalhistoriskt fenomen – hur ska vi förstå det?”. 15–17 at Kramer (M220). Ladda ner lästext här.

Jan 31, 2017: study circle: texts by Wolf Schäfer and Hagen Schulz-Forberg (Old date 24.1 has been changed due to issues with the server at ÅAU not sending out invitations at time.)

Jan 12–13, 2017 workshop: Södertörns högskola, Stockholm, Sweden


Nov 8, 2016 study circle: Jessop Bob, Space-related articles

Oct 18, 2016 study circle: Jarrick A., Myrdal J., Wallenberg-Bondesson M. (eds.) “Metods in World History: A Critical Approach” (2016); Belich J., Darwin J., Frenz M., Wickham C. (eds.) “The Prospect of Global History” (2016); Northrop D. (ed.) “A Companion to World History, Douglas Northrop” (2012)

Sep 30, 2016 workshop: “Locating the Global” book project

Sep 13, 2016 study circle: Massey Doreen “For Space” (2005)

Apr 19, 2016 study circle: Goody Jack “The Theft of History” (2006)

Mar 22, 2016 study circle: Bakhtin M. “Forms of Time and of the Chronotope in the Novel”

Feb 16, 2016 seminar: Lars Berge (Högskolan Dalarna)

Feb 9, 2016 movie & discussion: “Guldkysten” (2015)

Jan 15, 2016 seminar: Fredrik Thomasson


Dec 9, 2015 study circle: Chakrabarty Dipesh “The Climate of History: Four Theses” (2009)

Dec 9, 2015 workshop: The inauguration of GHL

Dec 8, 2015 seminar: Holger Weiss

Nov 24, 2015 study circle: Olstein Diego “Thinking History Globally” (2015)

Nov 16, 2015 study circle: Bhabha Homi K. “The Location of Culture” (1994)