Space in the Future of Forests – The case of the Sahara

I have recently made an infographic video on “Forests as the Lungs of the Planet” in which I talk about the consequences of human action in the present on the future by thinking in ‘Forest Tense’. However, while at the just concluded LocGlob(Locating the Global) workshop which took place in Åbo Akademi Turku(15-16 June, 2017), a presentation by a colleague, Laura Hollsten on ‘Environmental Pessimism’ as a definitive schema for articulating space began a stirring of the environmental pessimist in me – most especially the one who designed the Forest infographic. Continue reading “Space in the Future of Forests – The case of the Sahara”

Martins Kwazema

Bryan and Jefferson

In his 1852 essay, published in the leftist magazine Die Revolution, Karl Marx highlighted the repetitive nature of history in his famous words “….first as tragedy, then as farce” (Marx, 1852). Further, Anglo-Irish playwright, critic and polemist, George Bernard Shaw extrapolated this despondent eventuality by highlighting mankind´s attenuation towards experiential learning in his book Man and Superman , stating “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.

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